The left has failed with all options to get rid of Trump.
Only option remaining is violent removal and is underway!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Your help is needed once again for a special project.

From Paul Stramer

I have put off writing this post for too long now.

When I started the website over 2 years ago now, I was using a Dell Dimension E510 running Windows XP professional with service pack 3.  When I bought that machine in 2005 it was pretty racy. With 4 GB of Ram and just under 300 Megs of storage we got by very nicely. By today's standards and Windows 10 operating systems it's an antique by any measure.

I am still using that  machine to write this letter.

But now, with all this extra work, and the fact that Microsoft has stopped supporting that operating system, which in turn, caused some of the software companies for the programs I am using to stop supporting any upgrades for their programs running on XP, I am faced with several very exasperating problems.

For one thing, there are no more security fixes or upgrades for either functionality or security holes in the XP operating system platform. That means they are no longer writing lines of code to plug holes that hackers use to steal passwords and private information on this machine.

Some of the drivers are out of date and there is no way to update those either.

Also some of the programs I have been using such as Google Chrome will no longer get updates for their browser when they are running on XP.
This not only leaves loopholes that hackers can jump through, but it slows down the operation,  and some websites that are running upgraded secure systems can not be reached at all.

I have been running another laptop with Windows 7, which is still supported until 2020, to post the notices to the AWeber email system, because it's one that runs upgraded security. In order to do that I must create the notice and then send it by email to another account that I can get on the Windows 7 machine, then post it to AWeber. There are many other unnecessary steps I am doing because of this problem that cost me lots of time and frustration.

The solution to all these problems is to upgrade to a new primary computer.

Since the work load has doubled in the last 6 months or so, I am now spending between 6 and 10 hours per day on the computer doing this publishing work for Anna, and the website work to keep my online business pages updated. I am also moderating the blog which is getting far more traffic and comments than last year.

I have asked a friend in Salt Lake City to spec out a new machine with the computing power I need to keep this effort going for the next 15 years or so. At least that is how long I expect Microsoft to support Windows 10 judging by how long XP was being supported.

He came up with a design for a custom build that will run the new programs and keep all the drivers and programs updated, and I have added a couple of things to his recommendations, like dual monitors, and a 4 Terabyte external backup hard drive. I have also added dual solid state internal drives with a raid backup system.

I have a fiber optic connection right to my home. Right now I am using that fire hose, to try to fill a teacup.
I would like to have a black hole to work on. In other words the fiber optic connection can run 20 times faster than the computer I am using. With the new machine I won't ever be waiting on the computer, and pages will load from the Internet like they are coming in from my drive instead.

That will increase my productivity by many times, and make it possible to run some new programs that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of this Internet part of our educational effort.

The problem is the cost.  The unit I would have built is priced at $2200.

I would greatly appreciate some help with that project, and I have created a special PayPal button just for that project.  I am calling it  Computer Upgrade Project.  Here is the PayPal button.


Feel free to comment below on this request for your help.

One more thing. I am a volunteer worker in this publishing effort. I own the domain name, and it runs on my server in Canada. I have NEVER charged Anna one penny for what I do. I am supported completely by your charity in this effort.  So thanks in advance for whatever you can do, and I will keep you up to date on this. I will also keep you all in my prayers.
May God bless each and every one of you.

Paul Stramer

The Change in Presumptions

By Anna Von Reitz

I guess I didn't make this clear enough to everyone and need to explain that the legal presumptions about Americans and their political status has just been flip-flopped as a result of our directions to the bankruptcy court.  

Instead of us all having to prove that we are not federal employees or dependents, they have to prove that we are.  

The standards they have to meet are stipulated in the Judicial Notice of Claim dated June 29.  They can no longer just "presume" that you are either a Territorial or Municipal citizen or both.  

This changes the entire paradigm that we have all been struggling with.  

Although it is certainly good to get your own affairs straight and surrender the federal PERSONS and expatriate on the public record from these old claims against you, they are old claims and the basis for them has been shot through the heart. 

It is also important for everyone to know that the Cestui Que Vie trusts are being liquidated---- either in bankruptcy for actual federal employees and dependents, or in probate for everyone else.  

This was forced by the UNITED STATES bankruptcy.  Their plan was to discharge all the debts of the federal PERSONS entirely in bankruptcy, which would confirm their claim that we are all Territorial or Municipal citizens and pave the way for them to them to claim all our assets.  

We prevented that.  They must now regroup and provide the probate option which not only wipes away the debts of all federal PERSONS, but also returns your birthright estate to you, free and clear.  

Obviously, this is a very recent turn of events and there are no instant answers, but the process coming out of this should be much simpler and easier for everyone concerned.  

Most likely there will be two kinds of "Treasury Direct Accounts"---- one for federal employees and dependents and one for American nationals, both of which will be used to discharge debts--- one through bankruptcy and the other through probate.  

Stay tuned for more information as this plays out. 

See this article and over 600 others on Anna's website

The Misuse of Trusts

By Anna Von Reitz

Trusts have been used since Roman times as a means of transferring and preserving property.  The word “trust” comes from the Latin word, “trucido” which means to kill, slaughter, or murder wantonly. 

This nicely points out that trusts have always created as much havoc as they prevented, as donors of property changed their minds, trustees proved themselves greedy and dishonest, and beneficiaries were often killed so that the trustees or someone else could inherit 

For these reasons, trusts fell out of use until the Roman Catholic Church revived them during the Crusades.  Having somehow concluded that killing for Jesus made sense, they brought back the use of trusts as means to hold the property of Crusaders who rode to uncertain ends and for equally uncertain periods of time. 

Trusts proved just as troublesome then as ever, but the Church was often the ultimate beneficiary profiting from the deaths and absences caused by the Crusades.  In their view, it worked out well enough, thank you.

From then on the use of trusts continued, usually in the form of land trusts that guaranteed the orderly transfer of land from one generation to another and prevented it from being stolen via local taxation and other gambits.

After the Crusades the next big advancement of trusts and trust law came as a result of the Great Fire of London, which left a large segment of the population either dead or missing. Survivors were forced to find new places to live, return to ancestral haunts in the country, or even leave England for a time.  This left the municipal government ham-strung, in that it had to clean up the wreckage and rebuild, yet in many cases couldn’t find the owners to ask permission or return salvaged items.

The Cestui Que Vie Act published in answer to this dilemma in 1666 is still alive and kicking.

Imagine any situation in which a man left home for some reason and didn’t return for years: he fled to escape a fire and afterward assumed that all was lost, he was shanghaied into the French Foreign Legion, he was marooned on a desert island in the South Seas, he became a trader like Marco Polo, or like Bilbo Baggins, he simply stepped outside his door one morning and followed a road out into the wide world.   What happens to his home and possessions?

The short answer is that after a period of time set by law, he is declared “missing, presumed dead” by the courts and his material possessions are rolled into a Cestui Que Vie trust and his next of kin becomes his “presumed beneficiary”.  If there is no next of kin, the municipality or other unit of government becomes the presumed beneficiary. 

This is precisely what happened to millions of Americans as a result of the legal chicanery and public bankruptcies that took place prior to World War I and again prior to World War II. 

Their land was used as surety backing the debts of The United States of America, Inc. and their private property and labor was used as surety backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc., all without their knowledge or consent. 

Moreover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt deliberately created the legal presumption that they weren’t living men at all, but were instead US Foreign Situs Trusts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, which effectively supported the presumption of the courts that we were all “missing, presumed lost at sea” and enabled the Municipal government of Washington, DC to create and operate Cestui Que Vie trusts operated in our NAMES.

JOHN MICHAEL DOE was created at precisely the same moment that John Michael Doe was presumed dead. It’s HIS birth certificate you’ve been carrying around all these years.

And the beneficiary?  It could hardly be the Municipal government, since they were saddled with the responsibility of creating all these trusts and acting as trustee, so instead, they named the Territorial State of State franchises, such as the State of Ohio, as the beneficiaries. 

As a result, when Americans were summoned to a court hearing involving what appeared to be their NAME, they were actually being addressed as Municipal Employees acting as administrative agents of a Cestui Que Vie trust that just happened to be operated in their own names.

The victims were never told a word about any of these convenient provisions so kindly made “for” them by the Territorial and Municipal government corporations responsible for this mess.

As a result nearly all Americans have a public trust--- a Cestui Que Vie trust --- named after them. As a further result, that Cestui Que Vie trust is set up to benefit the Territorial United States franchises operated as “States of States”.

We were stripped bare and picked clean by our own employees. Our international trustees, the British Monarch and the Pope, who were supposed to prevent any such chicanery, went right along with it and profited handsomely from it. 

The municipal government corporation dba UNITED STATES and all its franchises including its “wards” doing business as Cestui Que Vie trusts with names like JOHN MICHAEL DOE, have been placed in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are being liquidated by Secondary Creditors.

The stage was set for the biggest heist in human history.

Everything that we rightfully own, everything that the Territorial States of States own, and everything that the Municipal STATES OF STATES owned, was put up for grabs by Barack Obama in 2015.  It was a domino effect.  He bankrupted the UNITED STATES, INC. which bankrupted its franchises, including our Cestui Que Vie trusts, which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our Beneficiaries, too.

Even though we Americans paid for it all and are the Paramount Security Interest Holders in this gigantic bankruptcy, we were nowhere to be found---left drifting around in a leaky boat somewhere in the Atlantic thanks to FDR, asleep, never told a single syllable about all the legal presumptions being made about us and our property interests, much less all the unscrupulous, self-interested, back door double-dealing aimed at stealing our assets.

But we weren’t all asleep.  Some of us woke up and paddled back to shore, arriving mostly in small groups and in the middle of the night, cold, hungry, and angry as hibernating bears.  We set to work.

At each turn the managers called – “Presidents” – of the criminally inclined governmental services corporations tried their best to undermine us.  Barack Obama was especially brilliant.  He couldn’t weasel his way out of the actual Constitution, so he tried to vacate it by bankrupting the corporations that were holding up the federal side of it.

We promptly issued new Sovereign Letters Patent and a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and concluded agreements with the American Native Nations to take over the federal side of the constitutional contract under their separate charters.
The Constitution was preserved and those responsible for this mess are still on the hook.

We continued to research the situation and set our house in order.  We gave ample notice and due process and we established liens, including agricultural liens, against their whole apparatus and all their franchises. We claimed back everything, every iota. 

We claimed back our Trade Names and re-conveyed them to the land and soil of our birth and permanently domiciled all “vessels” related to us on the land jurisdiction we are heir to and secured it all on the public record. We also claimed back all our purportedly “missing” relatives to before the Civil War.

Last but not least, we visited The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and announced that against all odds, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and the USA, Inc., are back home and on shore.

That is the one flaw in their whole plan and in the structure of Cestui Que Vie trusts in general. If the original donor of the estate is located and comes forward to claim it, the estate has to be returned free and clear of debts accumulated by the merely presumed Beneficiaries, and restored to the original owners unharmed.

Of course, the real harm these disloyal employees have caused for six generations cannot be made good by any amount of money or brow-scraping.  Lives and time lost can’t be replaced.  Opportunities and dreams that Americans lost out on individually and collectively as a result of these schemes will never come again.  The damage done to the rest of the world can’t be wiped away, either.

It was the plan of the Roman Catholic Church and some other elements to just bankrupt everything and everyone worldwide, roll up all the assets into a giant public trust – the One People’s Public Trust--- and call it good.  This would have ended private property ownership throughout the world and created a larger version of the Public Charitable Trust that was used to implement these schemes in America.  It would have put unaccountable, unelected, and largely unknown trustees in control of all assets worldwide. 

Pardon me, but we have already seen where that goes.

The Public Charitable Trust (PCT) was set up in the 1860’s as a welfare trust to benefit the freed plantation slaves.  Instead, it was used as a holding trust to seize upon everyone else’s assets, especially our land assets.  It was the vehicle for the vast plundering and pillaging of all the individual public trusts that took place here over the past 150 years. The OPPT would have simply been a larger, global version of this same evil. 

Respect for the rights and especially the property rights of each man and woman has never been a strong point with the Roman Catholic Church nor of the various Monarchs the Church has set up to rule over people.  Respect for free will, though ordained by the True God, hasn’t been a strong suit, either.

They created the Cestui Que Vie trusts in fraud, and we have reclaimed them in truth. 

There won’t be any giant communistic global public trust run by faceless and unaccountable trustees and there won’t be an end to private property rights on Earth. The days of Commercial Feudalism and universal enslavement washed down with artificially created scarcity are over.   

See this article and over 600 others on Anna's website


"The road to failure is the path of least persistence." - Lao-Tzu
Once again there are a bunch of yayhoos propagating a new and wonderful (NOT) idea to the sheeple ARE YOU READY FOR THIS: That we can get access to our BC Estate from using Paypal.
Now I’ve heard it all.
Every so often somebody who has little or no knowledge comes along with some new stupid idea, but what really amazes me is how fast people will rush to follow without checking out any facts at all.  It seems all one needs to do is wave the idea of accessing ones account and the idea of getting rich overnight and people lose their minds.
Along with it all common sense goes right out the window and it amazes me that the loyal followers will attack you if you say anything against their new “deliverer.” I find this hilarious because those attacking know absolutely nothing about trust law, status and standing, nor could they tell me anything they’d done which might lend credit to the fact that they had the authority to access the accounts.
For those of you who have been in the movement for over 10 years you probably heard about the OID debacle.  Many went to prison over it and no doubt many will go to prison if they try to use Paypal as is being suggested by the group I’m referencing in this newsletter.
First of all, anyone with any sense knows YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR REMEDY THROUGH PAYPAL!  Ok?!  JEEZ!
I posed a scenario to the people on this website:  Let’s assume I’m right.  What are you going to do when a police officer comes to the door with a warrant for the arrest of the NAME?
The response:  Crickets!
So many people want to run out and try the newest idea forgetting that there could be serious consequences for doing these things.  But will they listen?  Usually not until it is too late.
This is why I emphasize my “bassackwards” approach, which is to first learn how to handle ANY situation that could ever come up, e.g. an indictment, arrest, in processing in jail, etc. etc.  Then if you want to take INTELLIGENT, calculated risks in trying something out and go playing around with new ideas, you do so knowing that you can handle any problems that may arise.
This is exactly what I train my students to do and quite a few have done so successfully as you can see on the link to my testimonial page.
Want to learn more?   Visit my website at Also, click on the link below to download a snippet from one of my classes to better understand the training I offer.  You can do so by clicking here:
Call 13 a 26:55 -  32:30
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Only option remaining


The left has failed with all options to get rid of Trump.
Only option remaining is violent removal and is underway!

To the American People - a Russia, China and United States partnership


Helga Zepp-LaRouche outlines the great potential for the world if a Russia, China and United States partnership develops to fight terrorism and develop the world economy. 

Trump's successful meetings with China's president Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin is promising. However, that relationship will only improve if the American people step up to the challenge to ignore the British media campaign attempting to subvert his presidency, and fight to implement LaRouche's Four Law economic development program. 

Only with the support of the population will Trump be able to fulfill his campaign promises to the American people to restore Glass-Steagall and rebuild the country.  

Mrs. LaRouche makes an appeal from abroad to the American people not to miss this great historic opportunity. ---------- 

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Mr. President: America's 'Number-One Adversary' Is Wall Street


The United States is in its eighth year of less than 2% annual economic growth with economic infrastructure falling apart, wracked by drug-addiction deaths of its people in the prime of life, its tax revenues dropping and huge debt bubbles defaulting toward a financial crash.

How foolish that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford, can't decide whether the nation's top adversary and national security threat is Russia, China or North Korea!

That adversary is Wall Street, and the London financial power it is allied with. There is a great deal of evidence that the American people realize this, but their elected officials will not give them the leadership to mobilize to break up the Wall Street casinos and stop a "second 2008" crash so that the economy can actually be rebuilt.

Most Americans clearly do not agree with "Russiagate," the frantic attempt to sweep the people into a new McCarthyism against President Trump, which was started by British intelligence figures more than a year ago and still dominates national media. They want it ended. They backed putting Glass-Steagall reinstatement in both parties' national platform

A poll just taken shows that majorities of all voters want gasoline taxes raised and used to build new infrastructure projects. They want the nation's industrial power rebuilt, and space exploration excites more potential astronauts than ever.

But just as Wall Street captured 2009's anti-bailout, anti-Wall Street tea party movement and turned it into the "no-government" caucus in today's House of Representative, President Trump is now surrounded by a virtual Wall Street cabal which opposes Glass-Steagall, any intervention to revive the industrial economy, and any interference in Wall Street's rush toward another blowout of securitized debt. 

One of that cabal, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, is so venal that he put financial sanctions on Secretary of State Tillerson for not being sufficiently anti-Russia!

That is why the LaRouche Political Action Committee has mobilized to take on Wall Street — and the City of London — and pre-empt a trans-Atlantic financial breakdown worse than 2008. 

The President's vital peace policy in cooperation with Russia and China, admirably kept up against a war phalanx in the media, Congress and intelligence agencies, will be swept away if we let that breakdown hit.

The actions of that mobilization are Glass-Steagall re-organization of banking and credit, funding for new physical infrastructure projects across the continent, accelerated return to space exploration, and a crash program of fusion power development. 

In all these, cooperation with China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative and with Russia will be crucial.

The adversary is Wall Street.  It must be broken up. 


Mr. President: What must be done before another bank crash


Mr. President: What Must Be Done Before Another Bank Crash

A statue on a spire of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy overlooks the city's downtown and financial district.             Photo (Stefano Stabile / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0)

The warning of another devastating Europe-U.S. banking crash before the end of this year, raised by EIR in May and by a meeting of European Parliamentarians in early July, is becoming an emergency danger. It requires a mobilization of actions to stop it.
The Italian banking system, which has just suffered three major bank bailouts combined with "bail-ins" of unlucky savers, is trying to raise capital it cannot raise to prevent a potential collapse which could take Germany's banks down with it. U.S.-based banks have $2 trillion of exposure to that looming collapse of bad debt and worse derivatives, centered in London.
Those Wall Street banks, unpunished and bailed out since 2008, have rapidly built up bubbles of corporate debt and commercial real estate derivatives larger than the mortgage-debt bubbles which blew out back then,  and default rates and bankruptcy rates are now rising sharply in those bubbles. A scared Federal Reserve has not raised interest rates enough, yet, to trigger the crash that the IMF, for example, is warning of but by post poning the crash trigger, it is only making it more economically devastating when it comes.
President Trump's policy of cooperation with Russia and China for peace and mutual benefit is right, and must be defended against all the attacks on him for it. But it will not survive the chaos of another trans-Atlantic financial crash, and he does not have the American economic revival plans he said he had to head such a crash off.
Action must be mobilized rapidly, ultimately by the American people and their organizations.
First, the Glass-Steagall separation of commercial from investment banking must be reinstated, with beginning effect immediately to break up Wall Street's gigantic speculative casinos.
Since the Glass-Steagall Act began to be torn down 50 years ago, Wall Street's banks and funds with their most dangerous operations always in London! have been a succubus on the economy which can't grow without  financial crashes, and since the 2008 crash can't grow at all. The Glass-Steagall breakup must start now to prevent the threatening new bank crash.
Then, credit must be issued from a national credit institution (see Editor Lyndon LaRouche's "The Lost Art of the Capital Budget" republished in EIR for July 21) credit soon in the trillions for 20-25-year periods at low interest rates.

The purpose is high-technology investments in new, more productive 'infrastructure' to replace the crumbling sinews of the U.S. economy, raise productivity and create productive employment again. It cannot and will not be done by private investment.  President Trump must learn this, and the Wall Streeters around him, like the Treasury Secretary, have to go.
A great expansion of the United States space exploration program will drive this revival, as the President had stated in a television message to the American people in March.
But facing this threatening financial crash and meeting this emergency with action now depends primarily on the American people effectively demanding these actions, as if it were the last weeks of a Presidential political campaign.
Then, the President's intent to cooperate with China and Russia will become a tremendous benefit, especially from the great "win-win" building project a Beijing's New Silk Road across Eurasia and Africa. Let such high-speed rail corridors, for example, be built across North America. The United States is potentially a full partner in the Belt and Road Initiative.
First Wall Street, in both the Congress and the Administration, must be beaten and broken up to prevent it from permanently destroying what remains of American industrial economy and scientific capability.